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Badger Original Ale

2013-02-24 17.36.20

Badger’s Original Ale is the last bottle from the Dorset brewer that I have to review for the time being (unless they’d like to send me some that I haven’t reviewed!).  It’s a 3.8% ABV dark amber colour with a good head that lasts well.  The aroma is sweet toffee, bananas and nuts (or is that just me?!), and there’s a taste of toasted malt bread with a mild bitter after-taste.  This would be a good beer for an evening out, or to accompany pies, roasts, sausages, and so on.  The bottle says that the beer has been ‘over 200 years in the making’, but if that’s true, it’s a little disappointing!  A very pleasant beer nonetheless.

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Badger England’s Own

2012-12-15 22.05.05

As noted previously, Badger England’s Own seems to be a differently branded version of England’s Gold. The ale has a colour that is on the slightly amber side of golden, with a head the lasts well. There’s a pleasant yeastiness to the smell – a little like a bread dough – but beyond that there are definite floral overtones. It is a light flavoured beer, with a hint of a sweet apple, and maybe a faint suggestion of lemon too. With a 4.6% ABV, it’s perfectly drinkable if you can find any, but I wouldn’t lose any sleep if you can’t.


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Badger Hopping Hare

I’ve reviewed Badger’s Hopping Hare once before. This is a light amber-coloured ale with an advertised ABV of 4.4%. The malt is the first thing that I notice, but this quickly gives way to a bitter-sweet, apple-sharp flavour that remains on the palate. Would be great on its own on a hot day, or with roast lamb or pork.

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River Cottage Stinger

Stinger is brewed by Hall & Woodhouse at the Dorset brewery where is also brews its Badger ales, but its marketed as ‘River Cottage Stinger’ to reflect an association with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. The beer claims to be brewed from organic ingredients including locally grown nettles (hence the ‘sting’). It’s a golden 4.5% ABV ale, with a bitterness that I suspect comes from the nettles rather than the tongue-tingling sensation that the packaging promises. It’s OK, and probably well-suited to a picnic on a really warm summer’s day, such as those that are so common in other parts of the world! Oddly unsatisfying without the warm weather though. Worth a try, but I’m not sure I’ll be rushing to get another bottle (but at least I finally got to use my ‘Stinger’ glass with the beer it was designed for).

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Badger Tanglefoot

Due to a couple of recent concerts, it’s a while since my last beer and chilli post. As I’ve lost over 1 stone since my health and fitness regime started, I reckon it’s time for a reward. This is a light and fruity beer, though will probably be overwhelmed by the chilli that follows. C’est la vie!

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Badger Hopping Hare

I’m something of a creature of habit, but tonight, rather than chilli, I’m cooking some pasta with a home made bolognese sauce based on a receipe I found in the interweb. It smells delicious, so to accompany it, this “thrice hopped” Hopping Hare is perfect, followed by a nice glass of vino…

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