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Sharp’s Winter Berry Ale

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Sharp’s Winter Berry Ale was on sale at a pub close to my office, and I thought that it would be rude not to try it.  This cask ale is a beautiful  deep red colour with a head that disappears almost immediately, with the beer thereafter resembling a glass of slightly flat cola.  The aroma is mainly cherries, which is the berry that gives the ale its name, and it hints at something that is sweet and not unlike some of the Belgian cherry beers.  The surprise therefore is that it’s nowhere near as sweet as its continental counterparts, which for me means that it’s a beer that I could enjoy all evening.  One criticism:  once you get past the taste of the cherries, there’s not a lot else:  the flavour is quite one-dimensional and I  would probably have enjoyed something with a bit more malt.  Enjoyable for a social drink on a cold winter’s day, nonetheless.  For the recod, the ABV is 4.8%.

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Sam Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale (2009-2010)

I’ve been looking forward to drinking this bottle of Sam Smith’s Winter Warmer Ale (2009-2010) for some time, and not without a little trepidation as the best before date was September 2010!  It comes in a 550ml bottle, which although not a pint, is somewhat closer than most other bottled beers get in this EU dominated, politically correct, health and safety mad, world.  It’s a dark amber, 6% ABV, ale, that’s not quite a bitter (maybe it was when I bought it).  It has a round, warming and rewarding flavour with good balance between the malt and hops.  I can see that it would be ideal for a cold winter’s night in front of a roaring log fire, and works well on a cold summer’s night too.  It went down rather well, and I’m rather pleased that there’s another bottle on the shelf.


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