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Brewdog Punk IPA

I thought that I would try this Brewdog IPA on the recommendation of a friend. My first reaction was the strength of the flavour – it’s a real pale ale the like of which I haven’t tasted for quite a while. It’s all about the hops with this one, slightly bitter, with a very floral nose (think orange blossom and elderflower). I remember the first flowering of punk in the late ’70s, and what this beer and punk have in common is that they leave no room for indifference: you either get it, or you hate it. For the record, the the ABV is 5.6%.

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Greene King IPA

This Greene King IPA (the reward for a long day driving to York and back) is a little like some people that I’ve worked with over the years: it’s pleasant, well-finished, and competent, but to my mind, lacking in character. It’s a lowish-alcohol 3.6%, which probably accounts for the £1 price tag from my local Budgens.

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Marston’s Old Empire

Old Empire from Marstons is indeed a Pale Ale, though it’s been nowhere near India. The bottle describes it as having a bitter taste, but I beg to disagree. At 5.7% it’s got a well-rounded flavour with, to my mind, suggestions of a rich malt whisky about it (which isn’t surprising given the malted barley in the brew). Great for a Sunday evening.

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