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Elgood’s Indian Summer

2012-12-08 19.13.58

On first sight, Elgood’s Indian Summer is a pale gold, the colour of burnt sugar.  It smells, to me, of apple and, summer. And this 4.8% ABV pale ale tastes of butter and honey, giving way to a deep lasting bitterness.  All in all, I think that this is the most enjoyable of all the Elgood’s ales that I’ve tried so far.


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Elgood’s Warrior

2012-09-30 17.40.58

Warrior from Elgood’s claims to be a traditional-style English bitter. The latin motto ‘Tenax propositi’ is suffixed and firm of purpose is a good description of this 5.5% ABV ale. My memories of ‘traditional’ bitter working in a Benskins pub many years ago in the early eighties was of something watery and sour, and this beer is neither of those things. It’s a deep amber-brown colour and has a matching depth of flavour. This is a beer of real character and probably the best of the Elgood’s beers that I’ve tried so far. Unfortunately there’s not quite enough in the bottle to review as well as I’d like!

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Elgood’s Double Swan

2012-08-12 18.33.53

This is another pale ale, but what a contrast with the Newcastle Founders’ Ale!  It has an ABV of 4.5% and a much more complex flavour that goes down rather well.  I’ve had better, but it’s a competent brew that needs further study!

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Elgood’s Black Dog

I think that Mild is undeservedly overlooked as a beer. In fact it’s only recently that I’ve been personaly aware of a resurgence in the brewing of mild. This bottle of Elgood’s Black Dog (part of my son’s birthday present to me) is a particularly fine example. A lowish ABV of 3.6% doesn’t detract from the rich malty flavour. If anything, this bottle is going down a little too easily, and I only have the one…

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