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Chiltern Brewery Anniversary Ale

2013-04-14 16.33.13

This is another ale that I’m returning to, having previously reviewed it less than fully, though this is possibly the last time that I’ll be able to review Chiltern Brewery’s Anniversary Ale.  It’s a limited edition beer, brewed in 2010 to mark the 30th anniversary of the first Chiltern Ale from the eponymous brewery, bought from a local supplier long since gone.

It claims to be a ‘champagne ale’, and the first impression is of a champagne shaped bottle that opens with a satisfying pop as a result of the plastic stopper beneath the conventional cap. The ale is obviously rather darker than champagne (a sparkling amber colour), and the aroma is floral with undertones of caramel.  The head lasts extremely well, and, whether because of the age of beer or deliberately, needs to be poured with care because of the sediment that has accumulated at the bottom of the bottle. The first sip of this 6.1% ABV ale is also reminiscent of a champagne, a little biscuity with a very slightly dry and bitter flavour, but this is once again followed the sweeter notes of caramel and biscuit.

This is a very accomplished ale that absolutely stands up to the ‘champagne’ label, needs to be savoured without the distraction of food, and is an wonderfully appropriate way to celebrate a significant brewing heritage at Chiltern Brewery.

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Chiltern Brewery Lord Lieutenant’s Porter

2013-04-07 19.20.53

The is the second time that I’ve reviewed the Lord Lieutenant’s Porter from Chiltern Brewery, in part because I didn’t say very much about it the first time around!  This porter is a deep red colour with a creamy head that forms soft peaks like whipped egg whites. There’s a slightlly perppery aroma, and the taste is smoky, rich and deep from the roast malt, bordering on burnt coffee grounds.  And despite all of this there’s an underlying sweetness to this 6% ABV porter.  It really is a very well-finished beer that is at times reminiscent of some of the better Belgian beers.  And, note to self, read the bottle before pouring, and so check that it’s not a bottle conditioned beer before pouring the entire contents into the glass!

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Chiltern Brewery 300s Old Ale

2012-09-16 18.19.11

300s Old Ale is yet another beer from the Chiltern Brewery.  Weighing in at just 5% ABV, this is an OK traditional bitter, but I’m not sure that my palate is sufficiently well-tuned to appreciate the complexity nor the strength which the label claims.  I’ll try it again sometime, but for the time being, this doesn’t seem a particularly exceptional ale.

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Chiltern Brewery Battle of Britain Ale

Feeling quite patriotic after last night’s civic celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee, the Chiltern Brewery’s Battle of Britain Ale was the obvious beer to try tonight. It’s an extremely refined ale, with a big, rounded flavour reminiscent of toasted hazelnuts. It’s a beautiful deep amber colour with a head that really lasts, and an ABV of 5% (though it seems to pack a much stronger punch). I’ll be trying this again.

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Chiltern Brewery John Hampden’s Ale

A glass of John Hampden’s Ale from the Chiltern Brewery. The bottle says that it contains Maris Otter, so you can forgive me for expecting it to taste somewhat of a King Edward, but apparently Maris Otter is a variety of malt! On first taste, I didn’t expect to like it, but as I’ve drunk through the bottle it has seriously grown on me. It’s a well-rounded ale, sweeter than bitter, with hints of a decent single malt. Worth a try.

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Chiltern Brewery Glad Tidings

So it’s Saturday, and I was going to pair up my spag bol with an IPA from Marstons, but it didn’t seem right somehow. Then I saw this winter stout from the Chiltern Brewery, and its name, ‘Glad Tidings’ seemed perfect for the return of the prodigal this afternoon (despite the Christmassy label). The label says it’s brewed with four malts, hops, spices and apple and fermented three times. I say that it tastes exactly how it sounds: sweet, rich, fruity, and delicious.


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Chiltern Brewery Anniversary Ale

Tonight’s tipple is a bottle of Anniversary Ale, from the Chiltern Brewery (as recommended). Personally, I prefer something sweeter and with a maltier taste, but a great beer all the same. Something for the connoisseur!

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