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Ridgeway Brewing Bad King John

2012-12-01 20.52.27

Bad King John claims to be a ‘very English black ale’. The bottle has an unusual eye-catching label that claims that the ale is black, bitter, and intense. I’d been led to expect great things, but frankly, I was a little disappointed. It’s true that the ale is on the black side of dark brown, with a light brown head to match. The toasty notes from the malt are certainly there in the smell, but I find the flavour a little one-dimensional, and lacking in the kind of punch or finish that I would expect in a 6% ABV beer. The label also suggests that this is not a beer for those that seek subtlety – I’d tend to agree with that.

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Brentwood Chockwork Orange

2012-11-17 18.32.40

Chockwork Orange is the second of Brentwood Brewing Company’s products that I’ve tried. It’s a sturdy 6.5% ABV, the colour is as the name suggests a deep chocolatey brown, and the head disappears quite quickly. The smell is difficult to place, but it’s the kind of aroma that brings back memories of times past in a familiar and comforting way. The flavour has deep complex chocolate and coffee notes from the chocolate malt, with only a subtle fruitiness from the added oranges, and nothing like the swagger that comes with the previously review ‘A Bitter This’. It’s a little like drinking a malted fruit loaf. All in all this is a beer to be savoured, but one that will stand up to a range of rich a strong flavoured foods. Highly recommended.

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Brentwood Chestnut Stout

2012-10-13 18.24.14

Chestnut Stout is my first taste of a beer from the Brentwood Brewing Company and it’s, well, not bad. To my mind, this 3.999% ABV beer is more stout than chestnuts! There’s all the toasty smell and flavour from the malt, but not a lot of the chestnuts. As I say, not bad.

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