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Rudgate Battleaxe

2013-06-29 19.45.45

Next beer from Rudgate Brewery is Battleaxe Bitter, a delightful 4.8% ABV copper brown ale.  The aroma’s quite fruity, and the flavour is reminiscent of orange and hazelnuts, nicely dry without being overly so.  This is another great example of a beer of its kind form Rudgate, this time the archetypical bitter.  This could be a great session beer, but would go well with cheese too, or a ploughmans lunch, sitting outside the pub, on a warm Sunday afternoon.

Next up:  Rudgate Jorvik Blonde.

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Potten Village Bike

2013-05-05 18.56.46

Potton’s Village Bike claims to be a multi award-winning bitter from Bedfordshire so I was expecting great things and to be honest, I was a little disappointed.  This 4.3% ABV ‘Premium Ale’ is a light amber colour when poured with a thin head that dissipates very quickly.  The aroma is floral and slightly fresh – to my mind a little like elderflower.  The taste is quite disappointing.  As bitters go, this is very mild, biscuity, and lacking in a great deal of character.  It’s also quite flat – the epitome of those beers that used to be sold as ‘real ale’ in pubs owned by large national breweries.  Not my cup of tea, I’m afraid. Sorry!

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Marble Brewery Manchester Bitter

2013-04-24 22.40.12

Manchester Bitter is a straw-coloured bottle-conditioned ale with a strong head and a strongly floral aroma.  While there’s a very fleeting hint of honey at first taste, the predominant flavour is dry, hoppy bitterness.  It’s a refreshingly diffferent ale that is uncompromising on taste among a forest of ‘me too’ ales that offer little to upset the majority of beer drinkers.  I’m not sure that I’d want to drink this 4.2% ABV ale all evening, but it’s good to try something that’s genuinely not run of the mill.

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Adnams Southwold Bitter

2013-03-01 20.19.08

Adnams Southwold Bitter is a classic, possibly the archetypal, bitter.  It has a light copper colour and an aroma of oranges and spice.  The taste is buttery with the calssic bitter finish.  Just as it should be.  (4.1% ABV).

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Badger Original Ale

2013-02-24 17.36.20

Badger’s Original Ale is the last bottle from the Dorset brewer that I have to review for the time being (unless they’d like to send me some that I haven’t reviewed!).  It’s a 3.8% ABV dark amber colour with a good head that lasts well.  The aroma is sweet toffee, bananas and nuts (or is that just me?!), and there’s a taste of toasted malt bread with a mild bitter after-taste.  This would be a good beer for an evening out, or to accompany pies, roasts, sausages, and so on.  The bottle says that the beer has been ‘over 200 years in the making’, but if that’s true, it’s a little disappointing!  A very pleasant beer nonetheless.

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York Brewery Stocking Filler

2013-02-21 18.36.05

When the weather is as cold and miserable as it has been of late, I wonder why beers like York Brewery’s Stocking Filler are promoted as Christmas ales.  I found this one knocked down to £1 a bottle at the York Brewery on a visit there last weekend and thought that it had to be worth trying, and I’m so glad that I did.  The bottle describes its contents as a 4.8% ABV dark premium bitter, and elsewhere as a ruby ale:  my experience is that the colour is just on the brown side of red, and the taste isn’t really what I think of as a bitter either!  So my only criticism is of the description on the label!  There’s a beautifully creamy head that lasts quite well, and the aroma is rich and spicy (as advertised) – mainly cinnamon.  The taste is equally rich, with strong chocolate and malt flavour and spicy notes (exactly as it says on the bottle).  The snow has been threatening to start falling all day but this ale will keep me warm, so all I need is the sound of sleigh bells and a hearty ‘ho, ho, ho’ to get me in the mood for Christmas!!!


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BoB Slayah

2013-02-03 17.52.23

The Private Brewery of BoB is not so much micro- as nano-, so I’ve been looking forward to trying its BoB Slayah bitter since buyng a bottle at last year’s St Albans Beer Festival.  So my first mistake was failing to read the bottle, which states that it contains live yeast and that the beer should be poured gently in a single action.  Imagine the scene:  I removed the bottle top, put the bottle down to find a glass, and returned to find bitter erupting from the bottle, over the table and the floor (hence the smaller serving in the glass that you can see).  Much cleaning up later…

The beer that does emerge is a rich brown colour – somewhat richer than a traditional brown ale, with a good head, albeit one that dissipates quite quickly.  The aroma is of biscuits and marzipan.  The flavour starts with a fresh, almost citrus flavour that gives way to dry, bitterness with a strongy malty after-taste.  It’s a traditional bitter, but one that carries a reasonable punch with an ABV of 5.2%.

This craft ale is worth a try if you can find some (you’ll need too be in St Albans) – but open carefully and stand well back!

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