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Lime and Beer Cake

I like the sound of this. Worth trying with some British beer?!


Remember how I told you that the wonderful guys at Belgium Beer Tourism sent me 2 beers???

I used the one, Kasteel Rouge to make Chocolate, Banana & Beer Muffins…. and now I have been staring at the other bottle and debating on how to incorporate it into another recipe!

While flipping through the latest issue of Olive magazine (October 2013)… the last page was dedicated to *cake of the month* (a reader submission from Wil Law) and his twist on a lemon sponge… which I immediately decided would be the inspiration for the La Chouffe beer that I had!

lime and beer cap

I adapted the recipe by making one cake instead of 2 round tins…. and therefore did not require the buttercream filling. I also adjusted the lime icing quantities.

Is this a recipe that I would make again? YES – it isn’t too sweet – but remains moist, light and tasty…

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Rudgate York Chocolate Stout

This is my review of the truly excellent Rudgate York Chocolate Stout, which rounds off my series of reviews on the beers of this excellent brewery near York. I’ve definitely saved the best until last!

Everything stops for beer

2013-03-02 18.45.39

So this is Rudgate’s York Chocolate Stout!  It has been sitting waiting to be opened since I spotted it in Evil Eye in Stonegate on a trip to York a few weeks ago and this seemed like the right time.  It’s a beer that should suit me down to the ground:  it’s a stout, brewed in the City of York which is famous for its chocolate factory and where I was a student, with added chocolate from the terrific York Cocoa House, so what’s not to like?!  This 5.0% ABV beer looks like liquid chocolate as I pour it into the glass, and the frothy, chocolate coloured head soon dissipates.  The aroma is quite spicy before the chocolatey notes kick in, and the taste is rich, warming and not surprisingly, the dominant flavour is the added chocolate essence.  It’s a beer that would work well with strong flavoured meats like…

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Next stop York

Stonegate, York

Over the next few weeks and months, I’ll be focussing on beers from specific parts of the UK, such as Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire, but to get me started, I’ll be visiting a county where I spent three very happy years as a student:  Yorkshire.  The historical County of York was the largest of Britain’s counties until a reorganisation in the twentieth century, when for administrative purposes, it was split into three.  For the purposes of this blog, however, I’ll be reviewing beers from that historical county, and I’ll be starting in the City of York itself.  As a student, Yorkshire is where I first encountered Theakston’s bitter and Old Peculier, Sam Smiths’ bitter, but also Tetley’s and John Smiths’, and my favourite pint was of Sam Smiths’ bitter in the Wellington Inn in Alma Terrace.  These days, there are many more breweries in the county, and I’ll be reviewing beers from York Brewery, Rudgate, Brass Castle, Saltaire, Sam Smiths, Daleside, Hambleton and a few others, too, no doubt.  So, off to God’s own country…


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Ridgeway Brewing Bad King John

2012-12-01 20.52.27

Bad King John claims to be a ‘very English black ale’. The bottle has an unusual eye-catching label that claims that the ale is black, bitter, and intense. I’d been led to expect great things, but frankly, I was a little disappointed. It’s true that the ale is on the black side of dark brown, with a light brown head to match. The toasty notes from the malt are certainly there in the smell, but I find the flavour a little one-dimensional, and lacking in the kind of punch or finish that I would expect in a 6% ABV beer. The label also suggests that this is not a beer for those that seek subtlety – I’d tend to agree with that.

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From Facebook to the world

I’ve been writing beer reviews on Facebook for some time.  I thought that it was about time to go public with my short, and very amateur beer reviews.

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