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Chiltern Brewery Lord Lieutenant’s Porter

2013-04-07 19.20.53

The is the second time that I’ve reviewed the Lord Lieutenant’s Porter from Chiltern Brewery, in part because I didn’t say very much about it the first time around!  This porter is a deep red colour with a creamy head that forms soft peaks like whipped egg whites. There’s a slightlly perppery aroma, and the taste is smoky, rich and deep from the roast malt, bordering on burnt coffee grounds.  And despite all of this there’s an underlying sweetness to this 6% ABV porter.  It really is a very well-finished beer that is at times reminiscent of some of the better Belgian beers.  And, note to self, read the bottle before pouring, and so check that it’s not a bottle conditioned beer before pouring the entire contents into the glass!

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Rudgate York Chocolate Stout

2013-03-02 18.45.39

So this is Rudgate’s York Chocolate Stout!  It has been sitting waiting to be opened since I spotted it in Evil Eye in Stonegate on a trip to York a few weeks ago and this seemed like the right time.  It’s a beer that should suit me down to the ground:  it’s a stout, brewed in the City of York which is famous for its chocolate factory and where I was a student, with added chocolate from the terrific York Cocoa House, so what’s not to like?!  This 5.0% ABV beer looks like liquid chocolate as I pour it into the glass, and the frothy, chocolate coloured head soon dissipates.  The aroma is quite spicy before the chocolatey notes kick in, and the taste is rich, warming and not surprisingly, the dominant flavour is the added chocolate essence.  It’s a beer that would work well with strong flavoured meats like venison, game and beef, especially if in a pie or casserole.

York Cocoa House is a fantastic place to go for a hot chocolate or coffee, with a great choice of cakes;  it’s small and friendly and much easier to get a table than a certain well-known tea shop nearby.  Evil Eye is not far from York Cocoa House, and even closer to the fabulous House of Trembling Madness, which also sells Rudgate beers.  They are all worth visiting next time you’re in York.


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Brentwood Chestnut Stout

2012-10-13 18.24.14

Chestnut Stout is my first taste of a beer from the Brentwood Brewing Company and it’s, well, not bad. To my mind, this 3.999% ABV beer is more stout than chestnuts! There’s all the toasty smell and flavour from the malt, but not a lot of the chestnuts. As I say, not bad.

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Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout

I tried this at the Holborn Whippet in Bloomsbury on an evening out with work colleagues. The first thing that struck me was the beautiful deep red colour of this stout. It’s got a fantastic rich malty flavour. I really enjoyed it – just can’t remember much more about it! Will have to go back and try again!

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Marston’s Oyster Stout

Marston’s Oyster Stout is something of a favourite of mine. It has an ABV of 4.5% and as the bottle states is dark, rich and smooth. In fact that’s something of an understatement as it’s very rich and very smooth, with a toasty flavour from the malted barley and chocolatey mocha flavoured aftertones. This is a beer to be savoured and enjoyed – a real adult ale. Very strongly recommended.

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Meantime London Stout

This is the 4.5% ABV London Stout from the Meantime Brewing Company based in Greenwich. I’d seen this reviewed in a recent Evening Standard, so when I saw it on the shelf at my local Tesco, thought that I would give it a go. This stout has a rich and complex taste, strong in malt as you’d expect. Chocolatey, treacley, tasty! Highly recommended.

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Chiltern Brewery Glad Tidings

So it’s Saturday, and I was going to pair up my spag bol with an IPA from Marstons, but it didn’t seem right somehow. Then I saw this winter stout from the Chiltern Brewery, and its name, ‘Glad Tidings’ seemed perfect for the return of the prodigal this afternoon (despite the Christmassy label). The label says it’s brewed with four malts, hops, spices and apple and fermented three times. I say that it tastes exactly how it sounds: sweet, rich, fruity, and delicious.


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Chiltern Brewery Lord Lieutenant’s Porter

“Another chilli, another beer” as Andrew Lloyd Webber so nearly wrote. Tonight’s is something more local: it’s a glass of the Lord Lieutenant’s Porter, from The Chiltern Brewery, in Aylesbury. The bottle states: “The powerful punch is initially disguised by the cream-crackerish, dry-sweet biscuity sensations, followed by the unmistakable rich, smoky flavours of full-mash malts.” That just about sums it up: delicious!

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