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Wold Top Headland Red

2013-01-20 17.35.38

Just for once a red beer that really is a red beer!  Wold Top’s Headland Red is a deep ruby colour with a thin head.  The nose is light and fragrant – slightly floral maybe – and the flavour is mild rather than bitter.  This 4.3% ABV ale is not as malty as the bottle suggests, but hash a pleasant lasting hoppyness.  The bottle also says that it’s the ale to use for the best beef in beer:  I wouldn’t know about that, but it has a pleasant warming glow that has just reached my ears! Very nice indeed at the end of a cold winter’s day.

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Wychwood Goliath

2013-01-12 18.18.08

Wychwood Goliath is a copper-coloured bitter with an ABV of 4.2%, and a head that definitely lasts well.  It has a light nose smelling slightly of toast and ginger, and I really like honest, and slightly old-fashioned taste of a bitter that endures well, before coming to a slightly sweeter finish.  This is not a beer that pretends to be something that it’s not, and I could quite happily drink this all evening!

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Shepherd Neame Spooks Ale

2012-11-25 17.51.25

The first thing to notice about Shepherd Neame’s Spooks Ale is the colour, a deep golden brown (not the ruby red advertised on the bottle!), and the dark cream-coloured head. It has a fragrant smell, combining floral, spicy and biscuity tones (the latter was as advertised on the bottle!). And the spicy promise is carried through to the taste, which is complex, rounded and not a little buttery to my mind. It’s the sort of flavour I’d normally expect from an ale with an ABV rather higher than the 4.7% advertised. All in all, a very enjoyable beer.

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Wolf Brewery Granny Wouldn’t Like It

2012-09-16 19.33.51

Granny wouldn’t like it, and I’m not sure that I do either! This ale is dark, red and rich, with a ABV of 4.8% according to the bottle. Reddish? Maybe. Dark? Not really. Rich? Definitely not. I don’t often come across a beer that I actively dislike, but this is one! Maybe it’s a bad batch, but for me, the abiding impression is of sourness. Sorry!

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Badger Poacher’s Choice

IMG_0393 The bottle of this Badger Poacher’s Choice claims to have notes of damson and liquorice. It’s a 5.7% light coloured ruby ale that has a complex sweet and bitter flavour that comes from the roasted malt. Whether it actually contains those ingredients is another matter, and if it does, they’re there in sufficiently modest quantities to avoid over-powering what is otherwise a very rewarding bottle of beer.

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